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Our Beginnings

Terry Trost founded our company, fresh out of high school in 1975, and incorporated in 1979. We’ve grown organically ever since into one of the premier, most trusted Irrigation and Low Voltage Lighting contractors in our region. We are a family business and take pride in having multiple key employees who have been team members for well over 30 years! With almost one hundred team members annually, we are large enough to trust, and small enough to care about projects of all sizes.

Meet the Team

Terry Trost


Terry is our founder. He started this company out of his pickup truck, working out of his home in 1975.
He moved into his first office in 1979 and became officially incorporated. Today, we have 6,000 square
feet of office space sitting on almost 2 acres of property, with over 30 vehicles! He is active in the
oversight and direction of the company as he takes a step back from the day-to-day operations. All our
key team members have worked for Terry for 3+ decades, so that makes this well-deserved transition
much easier for him/us!

Bob Trost

Vice President

Bob is Terry’s middle child. He has worked for the family business since as far back as Middle School.
Bob wears manY hats, from responsibilities in the office to being out in the field selling and running jobs
as well.

Doug Trost

Vice Presdient

Doug is Terry’s youngest child. Doug runs and handles most of our larger projects. He has had a love for
the new construction and installation side of the business his whole life and has been getting his hands
dirty since he was a toddler. You can find Doug on his phone or answering 100 emails while working
with our crews pretty much all day every day!

Kate Dennis

Office Manager

Kate started working with in in 1990. She runs our entire office staff. She makes sure everything goes
smoothly, day in and day out. We can’t say enough about her loyalty and dedication to our
business/team/customers! She has been the glue that holds our office together for 33+ years!

Wendy LaCroix

Accounts Receivable Manager

Wendy has also worked with us since 1990! She does all our billing and handles all our contract
customers. Her plate is full every day and we could never express how thankful we are for all she does
for us. So many of our customers know her on a first name basis after all these years!

Becky Champeau

Scheduling Coordinator

Becky began her career at Trost in 2012 and has been an invaluable to the Trost team. Becky takes care
of daily communication and scheduling of our more than 3000 customers. She dispatches and
communicates with our technicians to keep everything running smoothly.

Tony Damer

General Manager

Tony has been with our team for over 40 years, since 1993! Yes, you read that right, 40+ years! He
started out digging holes with a shovel and has since assumed the General Manager position. Tony
handles all the crew’s needs daily with non-stop phone calls and questions. He manages all our
purchasing, and he keeps things in line “out back”. We are grateful for his 4+ decades of loyalty and
dedication. He now has 2 grown sons who work in the business with us as well!

Scott Domeier

Project Manager

Scott started with us in 1989 as a service laborer. His exceptional work performance allowed him to
quickly become a service foreman and then Service Manager. Today he handles sales and account
management for Trost. Scott is very well versed in the technical side of irrigation and is an invaluable
asset to our team.

Shawn West

Fleet Manager

Shawn started with us in 2010 as a service foreman. He has been in this industry for most of his life.
Currently he is our fleet manager. He makes sure all of our vehicles and equipment are safe and ready to
go to work daily. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to all things automotive.

Mario Ramirez

Service Manager

Mario started with us in the 1990’s as a service foreman. He is a “swiss army knife” for us as he is
directly involved with account management, repair sales, landscape lighting sales, and training our
existing staff on up-to-date technology.

A Commitment to Green

Today, we are proud to work with clients towards water conservation. By using simple, modern irrigation practices and products, designed with water conversation in mind, we can do our part to protect this valuable natural resource. Let us create an irrigation system to save you money and conserve water. Ask us how.

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