Trost Irrigation is a full service irrigation company founded in 1975 and incorporated in the state of Michigan in 1979.  Terry Trost worked hard, started out small and has grown to become one of the largest irrigation companies in Michigan. Trost has developed a well-respected reputation in the industry that has led it to become successful in other markets as well.

Water conservation

Let us create an irrigation system to save you money and conserve water.  Ask us how.


Today, we are proud to work with clients towards water conservation.  By using simple, modern irrigation practices and products, designed with water conversation in mind, we can do our part to protect this valuable natural resource.

   I have worked with Terry Trost since the mid 80's and have always had great service, at a reasonable price. Terry has always treated me, my owners and my clients with the utmost respect, and has always been there when we needed his services or just his advice.” 

                                                           - Marilyn Zeigler